I know that several people I have spoken to do not believe that Ted Bundy started his murderous ways until the early 1970’s but I have to disagree with that.  I do know that the great True Crime Writer Ann Rule thinks the same way I do regarding when Ted began taking lives. 

Ted’s great-uncle taught a neighbor of his piano lessons back in the early 1960’s in Tacoma, Washington.  This little girls name was Ann Marie Burr. Ann Marie actually knew Ted Bundy since his great-uncle was her piano instructor and she knew Ted from his paper route.

It was when Ted was just 14 years old and he was working his paper route which he did in the early morning hours in Tacoma, Washington.  In the early morning hours of August 31, 1961 Ann Marie’s parents woke in the morning to find Ann Marie missing and a window half-open and the front door not closed.  The last time Ann Marie’s parents had seen Ann was in the early morning hours of August 21, 1961 when Ann Marie’s younger sister woke up with an itch under her cast of her broken arm.  That was the last time anyone saw Ann Marie Burr alive. 

The window that was left open was a window which the television antenna wire went thru so the window would have been easily opened from the outside.  I’m sure if Ann Marie saw Ted outside the window or even coming thru the window that she would have left with him.  There is no telling what sort of reason Ted would have given Ann Marie for being at her house at that time but no one ever has seen her since that night.

It will be over 51 years this August 31st, 2012 that Ann Marie vanished.  Her body has never been found and no evidence was ever collected.  Ted Bundy denied having anything to do with her death even though they were living so close to each other.  I am willing to bet Ted Bundy killed her and her body was thrown where there was new construction and concrete was being poured.

Back in 1999 Ted’s mother, Louise Bundy did an interview stating that she couldn’t understand why people thought her Ted killed Ann Marie.  Seems to me that Ted’s mother is still in some sort of wacky denial about her precious first-born.

I do hope that one day Ann Marie’s body will be found and her family can have some sort of peace.  It is very sad that two of the officers that worked her case have already passed away.  Anyways I just wanted to agree with Ann Rule that I believe that Ann Marie Burr was Theodore Robert Bundy’s first victim.

Ann Marie Burr - age 8

Missing – Ann Marie Burr age 8

Ann Marie Burr

Cute little Ann Marie Burr