I have often wondered what we might have learned from Ted Bundy if he were still alive today.  Granted he was a horrible monster and did deserve to die but I can’t help but wonder if he should have been kept alive to study his mind.  I think if he were alive today he might have been able to help us understand how a serial killer thinks and get a better view into their sinister minds.  I also believe that if Ted was still alive he might have eventually lead us to a lot of unanswered questions…for example…where he placed little Ann Marie Burrs body and give us the exact number of murders he had actually committed.  One thing that I noticed in several things I’ve studied about Ted Bundy is that when it comes to children he really doesn’t want to talk about what he did as easily as he does the adult women he murdered.  I believe that in Ted’s mind it would make him really look like a monster if his mother was to hear him confess to killing young kids like Ann Marie Burr and also his last victim who was only 12 years old when Ted stole her life from her and left her dead body in a pig pen.  How much lower can you go?  Ted’s mind was just so screwed up and I really would like to know how he actually became the monster that he was.