Ted Bundy’s childhood

August 10, 2012

Ted Bundy’s childhood was not the normal childhood that most children have.  He was born in Vermont to his 23 year old mother Louise. Granted there are several people who do not have the best childhoods due to physical, sexual or mental abuse within the family but Ted’s childhood was not like what most children experience.  Ted wasn’t abused but he was lied to about who his mother really was. 

His mother gave birth to Ted when she was an unmarried teen and had given birth to Ted in an unwed home for mothers.  When his mother returned to the family they decided to tell Ted that his actual grandmother was his mother and his actual mother was his 20 year older sister.  Ted was also under the impression that his grandfather was his father.  Ted sensed that something was wrong during this time. 

Louise and Ted when Ted was just a young boy and so confused as to who he really was.

When at the age of 3 Ted showed signs of not being of what is considered normal.  Ted’s teenage Aunt remembered when Ted was 3 years old she woke up from taking a nap and little Ted had taken all the kitchen knives out and placed them all around her body.  When she looked at Ted he just gave her a smirk.  So starts at a very early age the strange things Ted would begin doing in his life.

Here is another picture of Ted from his childhood.
Who would have ever thought that such a cute little boy would grow up to be what he was.

Below is another picture of a young Ted during his childhood years.

Ted as a child playing in his cowboy outfit.


One Response to “Ted Bundy’s childhood”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hi, this is a really helpful article. do you happen to know the source of the images of Bundy as a child?

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