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November 28, 2016

Neal Falls Investigation

Heather posted an update on her CrowdRise fundraiser about her progress since her terrifying attack by possible serial killer (or serial killer in training), Neal Falls. She says that things are now looking up for her.


As some of you may or may not know, there was a lot of drama surrounding her fundraisers. Initially someone began a charity in her name and then proceeded to accuse her of being a drug addict and attempted to force her to get out of the sex industry. This person even threatened to hold her money until she agreed to enter into some form of rehab program, which is against the law. Eventually her funds were released to her, as they should have been in the first place.

Some may disagree with me, but she above anyone else should realize the dangers associated with her line of work. As a consenting adult, I…

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I have often wondered what we might have learned from Ted Bundy if he were still alive today.  Granted he was a horrible monster and did deserve to die but I can’t help but wonder if he should have been kept alive to study his mind.  I think if he were alive today he might have been able to help us understand how a serial killer thinks and get a better view into their sinister minds.  I also believe that if Ted was still alive he might have eventually lead us to a lot of unanswered questions…for example…where he placed little Ann Marie Burrs body and give us the exact number of murders he had actually committed.  One thing that I noticed in several things I’ve studied about Ted Bundy is that when it comes to children he really doesn’t want to talk about what he did as easily as he does the adult women he murdered.  I believe that in Ted’s mind it would make him really look like a monster if his mother was to hear him confess to killing young kids like Ann Marie Burr and also his last victim who was only 12 years old when Ted stole her life from her and left her dead body in a pig pen.  How much lower can you go?  Ted’s mind was just so screwed up and I really would like to know how he actually became the monster that he was.



Letters from Ted Bundy

April 10, 2013

I have always enjoyed learning new things about Ted Bundy. Just recently I asked my all time favorite and best true crime writer Ann Rule a question I have wondered about for years …..why hasn’t she ever published all the letters from Ted? She answered me a few hours later stating that she couldn’t because she doesn’t own “the rights” to them. Ann does have the letters and owns them as the paper they are written on but the very content is owned by one of Ted’s last attorneys. How is that for crazy! Seems like those letters may help shed new opinions on Ted Bundy and why he was the way he was and why he did what he did.

I know that several people I have spoken to do not believe that Ted Bundy started his murderous ways until the early 1970’s but I have to disagree with that.  I do know that the great True Crime Writer Ann Rule thinks the same way I do regarding when Ted began taking lives. 

Ted’s great-uncle taught a neighbor of his piano lessons back in the early 1960’s in Tacoma, Washington.  This little girls name was Ann Marie Burr. Ann Marie actually knew Ted Bundy since his great-uncle was her piano instructor and she knew Ted from his paper route.

It was when Ted was just 14 years old and he was working his paper route which he did in the early morning hours in Tacoma, Washington.  In the early morning hours of August 31, 1961 Ann Marie’s parents woke in the morning to find Ann Marie missing and a window half-open and the front door not closed.  The last time Ann Marie’s parents had seen Ann was in the early morning hours of August 21, 1961 when Ann Marie’s younger sister woke up with an itch under her cast of her broken arm.  That was the last time anyone saw Ann Marie Burr alive. 

The window that was left open was a window which the television antenna wire went thru so the window would have been easily opened from the outside.  I’m sure if Ann Marie saw Ted outside the window or even coming thru the window that she would have left with him.  There is no telling what sort of reason Ted would have given Ann Marie for being at her house at that time but no one ever has seen her since that night.

It will be over 51 years this August 31st, 2012 that Ann Marie vanished.  Her body has never been found and no evidence was ever collected.  Ted Bundy denied having anything to do with her death even though they were living so close to each other.  I am willing to bet Ted Bundy killed her and her body was thrown where there was new construction and concrete was being poured.

Back in 1999 Ted’s mother, Louise Bundy did an interview stating that she couldn’t understand why people thought her Ted killed Ann Marie.  Seems to me that Ted’s mother is still in some sort of wacky denial about her precious first-born.

I do hope that one day Ann Marie’s body will be found and her family can have some sort of peace.  It is very sad that two of the officers that worked her case have already passed away.  Anyways I just wanted to agree with Ann Rule that I believe that Ann Marie Burr was Theodore Robert Bundy’s first victim.

Ann Marie Burr - age 8

Missing – Ann Marie Burr age 8

Ann Marie Burr

Cute little Ann Marie Burr

Ted Bundy’s childhood

August 10, 2012

Ted Bundy’s childhood was not the normal childhood that most children have.  He was born in Vermont to his 23 year old mother Louise. Granted there are several people who do not have the best childhoods due to physical, sexual or mental abuse within the family but Ted’s childhood was not like what most children experience.  Ted wasn’t abused but he was lied to about who his mother really was. 

His mother gave birth to Ted when she was an unmarried teen and had given birth to Ted in an unwed home for mothers.  When his mother returned to the family they decided to tell Ted that his actual grandmother was his mother and his actual mother was his 20 year older sister.  Ted was also under the impression that his grandfather was his father.  Ted sensed that something was wrong during this time. 

Louise and Ted when Ted was just a young boy and so confused as to who he really was.

When at the age of 3 Ted showed signs of not being of what is considered normal.  Ted’s teenage Aunt remembered when Ted was 3 years old she woke up from taking a nap and little Ted had taken all the kitchen knives out and placed them all around her body.  When she looked at Ted he just gave her a smirk.  So starts at a very early age the strange things Ted would begin doing in his life.

Here is another picture of Ted from his childhood.
Who would have ever thought that such a cute little boy would grow up to be what he was.

Below is another picture of a young Ted during his childhood years.

Ted as a child playing in his cowboy outfit.

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